Qualcomm and Samsung rule the roost when it comes to IoT patents, according to new research

Samsung Electronics owns the world’s largest portfolio of patents relevant to ‘internet of things’ (IoT) technologies, while Qualcomm’s takes top spot in terms of quality, according to recent research from IP analytics firm Relecura.

In its report, Relecura concedes that “the definition of IoT is fuzzy”; fleet management

After a year focused on downsizing, Intellectual Ventures returns as the brokered patent market’s leading buyer

Intellectual Ventures (IV) was the top buyer of brokered patents in the fourth quarter of 2016, according to data from ROL Group, a Californian IP law and strategy firm and an IAM Market vendor. This ratcheting-up of buying activity represents a return to sorts for IV, which has been a much quieter participant in the secondary market of late as compared to times gone by.

In 2016, patent prices hit a low ebb – but IAM Market had a positive impact on the transactions landscape

The secondary market in patents hit its lowest value in years over the course of 2016, though it remained robust with operating companies emerging as the keenest buyers, according to research from California-based IP strategy and law firm ROL Group.

Where IAM Market vendors placed among 1,000 leading recipients of US patent grants in 2016

Patent data firm IFI Claims recently published its annual listing of the 1,000 entities that received the most US patent grants over the past 12 months. IAM Market vendor IBM topped the ranking for the 24th consecutive year, receiving a recordbreaking 8,088 patents from the US Patent and Trademark Office in 2016.

US patent litigation at its lowest ebb in years – but the secondary market still has plenty of pull

Patent risk management firms RPX and Unified Patents have each started the new year by releasing preliminary numbers on US patent lawsuits filed in 2016. With figures dramatically down year on year – as many market observers would no doubt have expected – it may seem obvious to conclude that patent transaction deal flow will also drop-off over the next 12 months. But there may be reason to believe that demand for third-party patent assets could be boosted as would-be plaintiffs seek out new targets.

For many companies, the secondary patent market is a critical resource for protecting their businesses

The findings of recent research from Stanford Law School and IAM Market vendor ROL Group offer a thought-provoking insight on the differences between patents developed in-house and those acquired from third parties when it comes to litigating them.

$96,000: the average price for a patent package under the Allied Security Trust-led IP3 purchase scheme

Defensive aggregator Allied Security Trust has released data on its Industry Patent Purchase (IP3) patent-buying programme, which closed earlier this year. The figures give a useful insight into current asking prices for patents covering a range of technologies and markets.