Toshiba is turning to patent sales – and, it would seem, NPEs – to create value amid financial troubles

Japanese corporates have historically eschewed patent monetisation; a deep-seated ‘not invented here’ syndrome and a fear of feeding ‘trolls’, combining to negate most motivations for selling IP assets.

But attitudes change – particularly when the economic going is tougher than ever.

US patent litigation at its lowest ebb in years – but the secondary market still has plenty of pull

Patent risk management firms RPX and Unified Patents have each started the new year by releasing preliminary numbers on US patent lawsuits filed in 2016. With figures dramatically down year on year – as many market observers would no doubt have expected – it may seem obvious to conclude that patent transaction deal flow will also drop-off over the next 12 months. But there may be reason to believe that demand for third-party patent assets could be boosted as would-be plaintiffs seek out new targets.

For many companies, the secondary patent market is a critical resource for protecting their businesses

The findings of recent research from Stanford Law School and IAM Market vendor ROL Group offer a thought-provoking insight on the differences between patents developed in-house and those acquired from third parties when it comes to litigating them.

Europe’s prospects of becoming the world’s patent powerhouse are back on track after UK announcement

In a massive development that will impact patent owners across the globe, the UK government announced this week that it will ratify the Unified Patent Court (UPC) Agreement in spite of the country’s decision back in June to leave the European Union.

Recent developments in the United States and China show positive signs for software patent values

The value of patents covering computer programs and related technologies has arguably been the hardest hit by recent legislative reforms, new jurisprudence and anti-IP sentiment. But those looking to buy, sell and license software patents have no reason to give up hope just yet.

For three companies that have bet big on IP monetisation, media technology patents have come up trumps lately

Patents relevant to media and content delivery are showing plenty of promise in terms of generating licensing revenues if the fortunes of three companies operating in this space – including two IAM Market vendors – are anything to go by.