Tech Transfer

IP owners are changing tactics to make the most of China’s increasingly attractive monetisation opportunities

It has often been said that as US courts, legislators and lobbyists make it progressively difficult to enforce and license patents in the country, rights holders will turn their attentions to foreign markets like China in order to monetise their IP portfolios. In doing so, however, many patent owners will need to adopt different tactical approaches. Two developments in recent weeks suggest that, at least for some IP owners, this strategic shift is already in full swing.

Qualcomm’s electric vehicle licensing deal shows the value of including know-how in patent transactions

In a transaction characteristic of today’s patent marketplace, Qualcomm announced this week that it has licensed its wireless charging technology for electric vehicles to automotive parts manufacturer Lear Corporation. Under the terms of the agreement, Lear will include Qualcomm’s Halo wireless charging technology among its product offerings for clients including automotive manufacturers and vehicle-charging infrastructure companies.