Foxconn LCD technology patents listed for sale on IAM Market

IAM Market, the online marketplace that brings together buyers, sellers and licensers of valuable intellectual assets, patents and technology, announces today that a new listing has been added by MiiCs & Partners, a leading IP brokerage company exclusively authorised to monetise the IP assets of Foxconn Technology Group. This marks the 57th listing from this esteemed IAM Market vendor on behalf of its client.

The portfolio consists of 28 patents that are beneficial to LCD technology, including two US patents, which are categorised into four patent families listed for sale. Among the patents are a plasma apparatus and plasma CVD film formation method, and liquid crystal displays and fabrications. The listing can be found in the Technologies category under Lighting, and in the Industries category under the Electronics and Electrical Equipment sector. Claim charts based on one US patent are available on request under NDA by completing the form next to the listing.

"MiiC & Partners posts dozens of patents with IAM Market on its client's behalf. Its continued presence on our online portal is testament to its trust in our reach among serious IP buyers," said Gavin Stewart, Managing Director of IAM.

Subscribers to IAM Market may view this listing on the website. Those interested in viewing the wide range of intellectual assets for sale, license and technology transfer on the IAM Market site may do so by creating a free subscription at

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