IAM Market lists navigation technology patent portfolio for sale

IAM Market, the online marketplace that brings together buyers, sellers and licensers of valuable intellectual assets, patents and technology, announces today that a new listing for a navigation technology patent portfolio has been added by MiiCs & Partners, a leading IP brokerage company exclusively authorised to monetise the IP assets of Foxconn Technology Group.

The navigation technology patent portfolio (Portfolio 058:Foxconn Map Navigation (last update: July 1 2016)), is listed under both the Automotive and Computing Industries, as well as by Technology under Information Technology, Automotive and Consumer Electronics. The six families of navigation technology patents consist of two US, three Chinese and four Taiwanese issued patents. They include patents related to heads-up display vehicle navigation systems, tracking a target device, a rerouting method that detects incorrect driving routes, a dynamic navigation communication device method and a public traffic intelligent navigation system.

"IAM Market is pleased to once again offer a patent portfolio listing on behalf of Foxconn Technology Group. We are confident that the intellectual assets within represent important technologies that our subscribers would find extremely beneficial for their businesses," said Gavin Stewart, managing director of IAM.

Potential buyers interested in viewing this navigation technology portfolio https://portal.iam-market.com/miics-partners/portfolio-058%EF%BC%9Afoxconn-map-navigation-last-update%EF%BC%9Ajuly-1-2016,  as well as other intellectual property listed on the IAM Market site, may do so by creating a free user profile at www.IAM-Market.com.

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