IAM Market lists new Hewlett Packard Enterprise IP/tech for sale

IAM Market, the growing online marketplace that brings together buyers, sellers and licensers of valuable intellectual property assets, patents and technology announces today the addition of six new IP/tech listings covering a wide range of innovations by US multinational company Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

The new listings cover a vast array of IP/tech for cloud infrastructure, Internet of Things, network and cybersecurity, set-top box, smart cars and navigation and wireless networks.

Included are patents related to a plethora of technologies such as virtualisation, cloning of virtual machines, home automation, wearable devices, network communication, network and cyber security, device encryption, bandwidth allocation, cable telephony, telematics, navigation, WiFi, Bluetooth and much more.

“With eight different industries and seven technologies represented within these latest listings by Hewlett Packard Enterprise, we are pleased to see such exciting new IP/tech added to our burgeoning platform,” said Gavin Stewart, managing director of IAM Market.

Potential buyers who wish to view these portfolios at https://portal.iam-market.com/user/73/iptech and other intellectual property for sale, license or tech transfer on the IAM Market site, may do so by first creating a free user profile at www.IAM-Market.com.


About IAM Market

IAM Market is an online marketplace that brings together people who see the commercial value of IP and technology and want to do business together. This online portal allows IP owners to profile their licensing and sales operations and technology transfer programmes, as well as provide details of specific rights that they are interested in transacting. IAM Market is part of IAM (http://www.IAM-Media.com/), the leading content platform that focuses on how intellectual property can be used to create corporate value – which is a brand within Globe Business Media's IP Division. Visit www.IAM-Market.com.

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