Sharp patents for sale on IAM Market as new owner Foxconn initiates turnaround strategy

IAM Market vendor MiiCs & Partners – an IP consulting firm that is exclusively authorised to monetise the patent portfolios of Foxconn Group and its affiliates – has listed a number of packages from Japanese electronics giant Sharp over the past few weeks.

Foxconn gained a controlling stake in Sharp with the completion last month of its $3.5 billion deal to take over the struggling Japanese company. The Taipei-based manufacturer is no stranger to selling patents, and clearly sees the value in adopting a similar approach as part of its drive to rescue Sharp and return it to profitability.

As of Friday September 2 MiiCs has listed the following Sharp portfolios for sale on IAM Market:

Patent sales and licensing can provide a much welcome bottom-line boost for companies that, like Sharp, have fallen on hard times. However, it is often the case that such options are not properly explored, or are not considered appropriate, for a number of reasons. In traditionally conflict-averse Japanese industry in particular, patent monetisation has typically been viewed as something close to taboo, due to the fact that it can potentially involve litigation, or the threat of it. But at Sharp it looks as if the arrival of Foxconn executives – including new CEO Tai Jeng-Wu – and the team at MiiCs has brought a fresh perspective on the possibilities presented by patent monetisation.

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