Sell or license intellectual property and technology

A unique marketing opportunity for leading IP sellers and dealmakers

The IAM Market platform helps top sellers and brokers promote their IP sales programmes in IAM’s industry-leading marketing channels. IAM will promote and feature your brand and sales offerings prominently in its channels, which currently include:

  • IAM Weekly newsletter;
  • IAM Market Bi-Weekly newsletter;
  • Twitter;
  • LinkedIn; and
  • Multiple annual events including IPBC Global and IPBC Asia.

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How joining IAM Market helps with intellectual property licensing

You have IP or technology to sell or license. Where are the people looking for it? Answer: on IAM Market. We deliver tens of thousands of senior executives actively looking for IP and technology to license.

Licensing-in or buying intellectual property and technology allows them to secure freedom to operate; gives them the tools to help them reduce the time to market; and provides alternatives to costly R&D.

Technology and IP licensing made simple

There’s no need to replace anything you’re already doing to license or sell your IP and technology. You can simply add IAM Market into your portfolio of marketing channels.

Technology and patent deal-making is hard enough without creating artificial barriers. That’s why IAM Market is transparent, anonymous and run for the benefit of technology and IP owners and the people who want to buy or license their assets.

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